Fun, Fairies & FREE Bingo!

Fun, Fairies & FREE Bingo!
This month Ladbrokes Bingo is giving away more cash and great prizes…As well as more FREE Bingo games to keep your spirits high after battling with the Christmas shoppers, the Ladbrokes Bingo fairy will be paying another visit and sprinkling £100,000!!! across bingo rooms to replenish your purse. Kicking off December with an absolute cracker (pardon […]

Two online bingo sites set to close down
LONDON, U.K. – As the online bingo market in Great Britain becomes more and more condensed with new sites joining the market it is unsurprising that some of the smaller sites in the bingo industry will become casualties

Kansas bingo halls ask for smoking ban to be lifted
KANSAS CITY – A Kansas judge heard appeals from bingo hall owners who argue that a ban on smoking violates their constitutional rights to property. The smoking ban is due to be enacted on July 1, 2010 and bingo halls claim they are likely to be driven out of business if their clients are not allowed […]

Assembling Your Home Bingo Kit

Bingo is a fun game that let’s nearly anyone of any age play in a relaxed way that isn’t physically demanding or highly competitive. For this reason it’s a great game night game for families and friends. Everyone will be surprised at who will win and when they win. With such a large degree of chance, it’s always up in the air who will win big and it makes every new game interesting and fun. It’s also a great holiday game for families to give away prizes and gifts to each other. Now most people think of bingo as a huge game played at fairs or in large gaming centers, but these games really only require a few special tools to get started. Assembling your home bingo kit is cheap and easy to do.

The biggest and most important piece of any bingo setup is the cage. Therein, the bingo balls are rolled around evenly and drawn from the cage. These devices, unlike a makeshift cage or a hat, ensure that all the balls are evenly distributed so that there is a random draw from the cage. This is why these devices are so essential to a fair game. These products can come in many different sizes, however at home, players will only need a small one about a foot across. These are also designed to carry either wooden or ping-pong balls. Either one is fine, but the cage should have thicker wiring if wooden balls are used.

Next are the play cards. These products are what make the game actually fun. They are made by dozens of different companies in myriad forms. They essentially allow a new style of gaming to be played with each different card. Some are more difficult and others are more bizarre. Whatever, your preference, players can find these products online or they can use software that randomly generates the result. It’s fun to try out new models and can make the game more challenging as player’s skill levels increase.

Daubers are a pro’s tool. These handy markers allow players to play multiple cards at once to mark their scoring as they go. Home players may not need this, since they are only playing one card usually, however these are a fun way to get into the bingo mood and can be used for whenever the owners want to try their hand at a real bingo game. These products are made with a large variety of colors and variations to make playing more fun.